Look! A Squirrel!

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.  If you haven’t seen the 2009 animated film Up, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy about now.  If you have, then you’ll recall that the evil dog pack hates squirrels; they just can’t resist chasing them.   At a critical point in the story, Dug (the good dog) distracts his nemesis from […]

Buckled In and Hangin’ On

July has been a roller coaster month. I haven’t posted in about three weeks, but it’s not because I’ve been idle. Shortly after I last posted, I attended the first of five two-day retreats of the beta class of the OKSci and OKMath Leadership Academy in Oklahoma City. It was a wonderfully productive meeting, and […]

Summer “Vacation”

It seems as though I’ve been waiting for summer all year!  Ever since the cold, blustery days of January, I’ve been planning for June.  While it means a more relaxed schedule and time to finally catch a breath, anyone who teaches knows that summer is not all vacation.  Fortunately, my summer did start out with […]

Two Steps Forward

A meeting with our technology department on Friday moved us a little closer to our goal in our district’s one-to-one laptop initiative.  Problems have been varied and inconsistent, which make them hard to troubleshoot, but after nearly a month, many of the basic problems have been resolved and progress is being made on others. It’s […]