Stitching Lessons to Common Core

Is it true what they say? Does absence make the heart grow fonder? I’m not sure about all that. What I’m sure of is that during a three-week absence from posting, I’ve accumulated a lot of possible topics and am now faced with a dilemma. Should I reflect on the two books I just read—one […]

Give Me a Break!

Hard to believe another academic year is half over, and another calendar year is ending! This break between semesters and years is both welcome and necessary. I’ll be teaching new classes this next semester, and it’s crucial to have time to wind down and then get geared up for the new courses. Technically, I’ve taught […]

Swimming in the Deep End

I like to conduct topic debates with my students from time to time.  In environmental science, I have assigned topics like the pros and cons of labeling genetically modified foods, or the merits of various alternative fuels.  I assign students to teams before I assign the topic, and they sometimes protest they prefer the other […]