This year I was fortunate enough to be selected for the first ever OKMath-OKSci Leadership Academy, sponsored by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.  So far, the group of 44 math and science educators has met for three weekend retreats to focus on creativity and innovation, leadership and educational philosophies, and professional growth.  But this […]

Sloppy Science

Do you ever get surprised by unintended lessons?  Sometimes those are the ones that are best remembered. I’ve been working with my three science classes on the Problem-based lesson I created this summer at the Eighth Floor.  It’s gone well, and students have progressed in their understanding of the Scientific Method as hoped.  We’re more than halfway through this […]

Buckled In and Hangin’ On

July has been a roller coaster month. I haven’t posted in about three weeks, but it’s not because I’ve been idle. Shortly after I last posted, I attended the first of five two-day retreats of the beta class of the OKSci and OKMath Leadership Academy in Oklahoma City. It was a wonderfully productive meeting, and […]