Flexible Texts

I don’t really think of myself as a renegade, but for the past eight years, I’ve enjoyed the relative freedom to structure and pace my instruction according to my students’ needs.  Considering the population I teach—pregnant and parenting teen girls—I see this ability to respond to students needs as essential.  Their transience and attendance issues, […]

Trolling for Tools

Being the online troller that I am, I discovered a couple of new resources that I used in my classes last week.  I thought I’d pass them along for those who are similarly inclined. The first tool I found through Graphite, a site that provides tips, evaluations, and reviews on games, apps, and interactive web […]


This afternoon, while the sleet and snow are competing for air time outside, I’m enjoying the luxury of exploring some podcast software in the warm indoors.  With the rumbling thunder outside and the pinging of sleet against the windows, it’s looking more and more like a snow/sleet day tomorrow.  I’m not thrilled about the prospect […]

A Little Magic

Every so often, when the planets are aligned just so, it seems I begin new units of study in several of my classes at once.  It’s tricky because it means I have to think through each of those new units in terms of what I’ve done with the topics in past years, but through the […]