Meet Leo

We have an addition to our science classroom this fall.  He’s long and lean and purple, tan, and green!  He’s a young Leopard Gecko named Leo, and he lives in the 10-gallon terrarium the biology class put together for him during our unit on ecosystems.

I’ve never had any reptile pets—I’m mostly a cat and dog lover, but I’m learning.  I have to admit, Leo’s pretty cute.  I’d always vowed not to own a pet that required live food, but aside from the hassle of buying crickets once a week, it hasn’t been much of a problem.  Even bringing him home for fall break has worked out fine.  He’s spent most of the ti20141001_114035me outside his adobe hidey-hole, something he doesn’t do much of at school.  It’s quieter here, I guess.   There isn’t much to look at on top of my writing desk, except the row of books lined up behind his tank, which he seems to be inspecting much of the day.  He must like my taste in reading.

Even our cat Zelda likes having Leo here.  She spends long minutes perched on the window sill next to the desk watching him.  Isn’t that sweet?  My husband doesn’t mind his being here either, like he did the gerbils I brought home during school breaks several years ago.  My husband called them “the rats,” which was really not fair.  They were pretty cute, too, and they didn’t stink nearly as bad as he claimed they did.

I’ll be packing Leo up for his ride back to school tomorrow, and I wonder if he’ll be happier surrounded by the noise and activity of the classroom again.  He’s got a big job coming up in biology class when we get to our comparative study of animal families and the Linnaeus Classification System.  I hope he’s up to it.  Meanwhile, he’s snoozing on top of his adobe hut, while Zelda stands guard.   Zelda!  Get off the desk!  Leo does NOT want to play.  Sorry…gotta go.

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