Mama’s Got a Brand New Gig!

If you’ve read my blog much in the past year, you’ve probably heard me mention the Eighth Floor, a Technology and Learning Center for Educators in several of my posts.  I started taking classes there about five or six years ago when our school got SmartBoards in every classroom.  I can’t even count the number of classes I’ve taken since then: SmartBoard, Photoshop, Blogging, Online Teaching, Podcasting, and lots, lots more.  In fact, I think I’ve taken so many classes they finally just said, “What is the deal with this woman?  Doesn’t she have anyone else to annoy?”  And then they decided if they just gave me a job, I might stop showing up in their classes and asking dumb questions.

I’ll start training this summer with a few classes and will join their group of very talentend part-time instructors soon.  In addition, I’m pumped about getting to rub shoulders with the full-timers: Lee Anne, Linda, and Scott.  I’ll try not to ask too many annoying questions, guys, but I can’t promise anything.

One of the great things about this new gig is that it gives me an excuse to play with more technology tools and meet some great educators at the same time.  Some of my best ideas have been stolen from other teachers, after all.  What better place is there to shop for new ideas than a classroom full of technology-oriented educators?  I can’t wait!

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