Snow Days

snowI haven’t posted in a while.  First, there was Thanksgiving break, which meant a long drive down to Austin, Texas to spend five days with our granddaughter and her parents.  It was our son and daughter-in-law’s tenth wedding anniversary, so we stayed with their 5-year-old daughter while they made an anniversary trip to New Orleans.  They spent their honeymoon there ten years ago, pre-Katrina, and had only been back once for a quick visit since.  They reported that the food and jazz are as good as ever!

In the meantime, we enjoyed focused time with our granddaughter and visiting with my brother’s family and our daughter-in-law’s sister and her children.  It’s hard to say which of us had the better time!

After the long, nine-plus hour drive home, I jumped right back into classes.  Our principal is out again with a family emergency, so I’m in charge while she’s gone (very scary!).  As we near the end of the first semester, it seems everyone’s gone crazy.  There are student conflicts, attitude and behavior problems, and makeup testing issues that have been left hanging.  Fortunately, the director of secondary education for the district (our principal’s boss) has been very helpful and made a couple of trips to our campus to mediate conflicts or to simply demonstrate support.  A couple of other issues await resolution.

And then it snowed, and iced, and snowed again.  We haven’t had a snow day in three years, and while I was eager for a short respite, three snow days and a weekend are a bit much.  I haven’t been idle; I’ve done some cleaning, Christmas decorating, and most of my Christmas shopping.  But I’m ready to get back to school, which it seems we will tomorrow.  The semester ends in ten days, and there’s a lot to do before then.  It’s bound to be chaotic, but we need to wade through the chaos to reach our goal before the year winds down.  I’ll enjoy the time with family and the anticipation of a new semester beginning in 2014–and hope for more snow!

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