Summer “Vacation”

VacationIt seems as though I’ve been waiting for summer all year!  Ever since the cold, blustery days of January, I’ve been planning for June.  While it means a more relaxed schedule and time to finally catch a breath, anyone who teaches knows that summer is not all vacation.  Fortunately, my summer did start out with one, however.  My husband and I travelled to Texas to visit with our son’s family and to see our granddaughter’s first dance recital.  There’s nothing like watching a stage full of four-year-old joyful, dancing princesses to get you energized!

Now that we’re home, and summer has officially started, I’ve been making plans—August will come much too soon!   There is a three-day professional development conference coming up next week (Professional Learning Communities at Work), and a week-long blended online and classroom course at the area technology consortium (Now What? Mastering Technology Skills for Teaching and Learning) for late July.  In mid-July, we’ll be hosting our grandsons for a week’s vacation in Dallas and Oklahoma while their parents scuba dive in Cozumel.  It’ll be crazy-exhausting, but great fun, too.

In between and around these events, I’ve got tentative plans for:

  • Catching up on house cleaning that I’ve postponed all year
  • Coffee or lunch with friends I rarely see while school’s in session
  • Blogging more frequently
  • Coordinating a bathroom remodeling project
  • Painting the family room of our home
  • Planning for fall classes—in particular, integrating more digital elements
  • Reading –Joy of joys!  On my list this summer are:
    • Life of Pi by Yann Martelstack of books
    • Flora by Gail Godwin
    • The Magician’s Assistant by Ann Patchett
    • Inside Out: Strategies for Teaching Writing by Dawn L. Kirby and Darren Crovitz
    • Image Grammar: Teaching Grammar as Part of the Writing Process by Harry R. Noden
    • Any other titles that I come across

It’s clear there’s a lot on my plate this summer.  Rather than being daunting, though, I’m eager to get these things accomplished.  There’s great promise at the beginning of each summer, which is followed by the promise of a new school year.  Time to dig in!

2 thoughts on “Summer “Vacation”

    • I’ve already finished the three novels–they’re great! I’m on to nonfiction now. Another great find is Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church, and Karin Morrison to help create independent learners.

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