Digital Lust

I’ve been fascinated with technology for a good while–ever since my family owned its first computer. Remember the Atari?  That’s okay.  Not many people do. It was mostly a game console, but it was also the first word processor I’d ever used, and it set me on the path to the magical world of “cut and paste” technology. No more correction tape. No more carbon paper.  No more wads of ruined manuscript pages in the wastebasket.

Prior to the Atari, my experience with technology had been limited to the Royal electric typewriter I felt I needed to be a “serious” writer. I really wanted an IBM Selectric, like the one I’d used in my high school typing class, but I couldn’t justify the cost. The Royal was inexpensive and practical, but not very inspiring. No one really composed on a typewriter, I don’t think–at least I didn’t–my thoughts didn’t translate into permanent text that readily. Paper and pencil composition allowed for revision more readily.

Becoming accustomed to composing at a computer keyboard was a giant evolutionary leap for me, and it didn’t come easily, but when it did, it was a complete transformation. I can no longer compose with paper and pencil. I now have to type up the text of a thank you note on my keyboard before I handwrite it on the card. I’m  completely addicted to the ease of cutting and pasting.

Fast forward many years, through numerous versions of DOS, the dawn of Windows, and beyond. There was a time when a few megabytes were sufficient to contain a complete word processing program–we outgrew computers due to insufficient hard drive space more than once.  A few hundred magabytes will hardly crank up a word processor these days, but the industry has beefed up the modern hard disk in giga-spades.  What we lust after now is speed, and lots of it.  All that information out there in cyberspace?  We can’t download it fast enough.  tablet

This is where my digital lust comes into play–I’m an information junkie.  There.  I’ve admitted it.  I’m not talking smut here, just so you know.  There’s definitely a lot of garbage out there, but I’m talking bona fide, mind-elevating information.  And my new delivery system is a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

It’s a great size.  It’s wrapped up in a leather keyboard case (for convenient composing, of course).  It’s Android (I’m Apple-averse).  And it’s really, really fast.

Who knows what the next great device will be?  Or what it will make possible that isn’t possible now.  There are probably dozens, if not hundreds of options out there that I don’t know about and don’t know I need.  At least not yet . . .

3 thoughts on “Digital Lust

  1. I’m with you on loving the cut and paste–I can hardly do a grocery list by hand, let alone something more complicated. There’s something I love about working with a machine—

  2. Well written, as always. I was thinking you were really dating yourself with the Atrai, but then you had to go even older school. Fun read.

    I think I need a tablet, too. I just had a meeting at Panera with the video guy. He was doing everything on his iPad. I could have shown him the FitFest website and Facebook pages on my Samsung Tab2.

    Tim Airhart

    SMarter media

    918-499-0331 x100

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