Need a Digital Passport?

My project this week has been to design a Digital Citizenship class to kick off our district’s one-to-one initiative next week. We don’t yet know when the laptops will be ready for assigning, but we’ll be ready when they are.passport

I decided to create the presentation in Prezi, which I feel much more comfortable with after a couple of hours of starts and restarts. I’m still contemplating adding music to the presentation, but time is of the essence now, so I may let it go as is; I go live on Monday. I chose a world map and travel theme, with a title of “Your Digital World.” The presentation link is embedded in a Haiku Digital Citizenship class, and includes a quiz to test students’ understanding of the concepts at the end. If they pass, students will get a Digital Citizen Passport Certificate. The certificate is required to be assigned a laptop.

The hardest part of the project was to determine what to put in and what to leave out of the program. I came across a wonderful site full of resources at Commonsense Media, which had everything I needed. The problem was that their curriculum for senior high consisted of about 16 class sessions, all around 45 minutes long. Yikes! I’ve only got 55 minutes.

So I got down and dirty. I decided to focus on the rights and responsibilities of a digital citizen, covering search strategies; copyright, plagiarism, & fair use; cyberbullying; and online privacy issues. The curriculum that Commonsense Media provides is excellent and includes many more topics in depth, but I decided these were the vital ones. The site even provides a couple dozen videos, of which I chose four at about two minutes each.

Take a look at the Prezi, if you have a minute, and let me know what you think. Maybe you have some good suggestions for improvement–I’d love to hear them before Monday.

Bon Voyage! Happy Cyber-traveling.suitcase

2 thoughts on “Need a Digital Passport?

  1. Hi Janice,
    I looked over the Prezi. It looks great. Kudos for addressing the issue of digital citizenship. It is a topic that must be addressed before students use electronic devices in my opinion. Common Sense has awesome materials to help teachers get the message across to students.
    I think you covered plenty of information in your Prezi and I love that you link out to information for your students. Some music would be a nice touch.
    I would suggest that at least once a grading period cover another session of digital citizenship that goes more in depth on some of these topics. Students tend to forget as time goes by.
    The Eighth Floor has information on Cyberbullying on The Eighth Floor Wiki. Take a look and see if there is anything you wish to use later.
    Keep us posted on the 1 to 1.
    Linda Jones

    • Thanks for your comments, Linda. I’ll take another look at Prezi and see how easy it is to add music. I have a tendency to get bogged down in the details and let time get away from me (and more to the point, I’m really oriented toward the visual/verbal, not the auditory :-). Besides, I have a new toy to play with today and want to enjoy it–more on this later.

      I agree that DC is a serious topic, and one that needs to be addressed. Your suggestion to revisit the topic each quarter is good. I’ll take a look at the Wiki and see if there’s anything I missed. I may be seeing you on the Eighth Floor soon!

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