Lost in Technology?

Somehow the connection between my blog and my Facebook page got lost a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve done some troubleshooting and hope the problem is now corrected, but this post will test that hope.

I got a new Smart phone about 7 months ago and am enjoying the new efficiencies it offers.  A text from my daughter this morning tells me she just joined the ranks of the “fully connected.”  We all know this is just temporary, because the technology we’re using today will be obsolete next year and won’t connect to anything.  In spite of this, I look forward to the next big thing, with some reservations.  The next Windows release won’t talk to my current software.  When I change my school e-mail password (as I am forced to do every 3 months), I will have to change it on my phone, so they can communicate.  And the tablet I’m yearning for will have to be set up to talk to my work and home emails, my laptop, my cell phone, a wireless printer, and who knows what else.

Being connected comes with a certain amount of turmoil, and some things get lost in the shuffling around.  Does it make me wish for a return to less technological times?  Absolutely not.  I’m addicted to “cut and paste” utility and can no longer compose effectively with pen and paper.  I’m used to having information on my screen within seconds.  I am hopelessly lost in technology.

Now, if I can only figure out this WordPress to Facebook interface . . .

2 thoughts on “Lost in Technology?

  1. I am sure we are more efficient in business than we were 20 years ago, but the same tools can be a huge time trap. And, very painful when you upgrade any one piece of the machine.

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