Reflections of a third career teacher and a lifelong learner . . .

I am fairly new to teaching–I just finished my sixth year of teaching community college Freshman Composition classes and my fifth year as a high school science and English teacher.  What I am not new to is learning.  I think I’ve always loved learning more than anything else in life.  That’s why I’m a voracious reader and a frequent student in credit and continuing education classrooms.  I’m also a new experience junkie, particularly if a new experience has something to teach me.

What I hope to do with this blog (another new experience!) is to reflect on what I have learned as a medical technologist, research scientist, writer, and teacher.  More important, I want to share experiences from my ongoing learning adventure.  It would be impossible to separate my roles as teacher, wife, mother, and grandmother from the rest, and I wouldn’t want to: every job and every role is, or has been, a learning experience.   Therefore, every post is colored by those lenses.

I see in my students young people who are searching to discover who they are and where they fit in the world.  This is what drives me to become the best teacher I can be, and I’m not there yet.  I fear I won’t reach them all as I’d like but I genuinely care about each of them and will do my best to share what I can while they are with me.  As teachers, we emphasize to our students the importance of working toward a good education.  It’s a great message, and a good education has great value, but I want to teach something more.  I want my students to understand that learning itself is the best reward.

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